Race Time Predictor & Training Pace Calculator

Race Time Predictor

Use this tool to estimate your potential race time across a range of distances and see guideline paces for a range of training sessions.

Use this tool to view your potential time from 5km to the marathon, your estimated lactate threshold and your ideal training paces for a wide range of different training sessions – from recovery runs right through to intervals – and your ideal race pace for 5km, 10km and 21km (half marathon) races.

These free tools will help you to track your progress and train better and more efficiently.

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Pace Band Generator

Marathon Pace Band

Use this tool to generate a pace band with your splits that you can wear on race day!

Select your distance and target time and print the band.  Cover the band with adhesive waterproof tape.  Wrap around your wrist and secure.

Good luck with the race!

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Time to pace converter

If you have to run repats and you need to know the pace on each distance, this tool is for you!

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