Running Camp Livigno. Lorenza’s Story.

Lorenza Banchetti Running Camp 2014

21 July departure date for Livigno…I am feeling relaxed but I wonder what our coach, hotel, Livigno, and the other runners will be like, and above all I wonder how I will feel when I get there…I arrive in the evening after hours of travelling, after taking the train and two coaches, and I feel a sense of immediate joy!  The fresh air, the mountains, the peace, the cycle path.  I put down my bag and I go straight out for a run, what an experience! I am running along the same paths as the world champions, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, incredible!

I meet the coach and the other runners…each one has their own background and story, and each has a love of running! And straight away there is the understanding between us that I’d hoped for: we run, we laugh, we eat, we dance, we mess around, for a week we forget about the city and work.  And our coach follows our progress, he helps and advises us with an exemplary kindness and congeniality, he even promises that it won’t rain whilst we are out training and he’s right, it doesn’t rain a drop.

The return to the city and to work is traumatic, but my mind remains and will stay in Livigno for a long time, and then there is still my passion for running, which will go on long after the end of the training camp.  The whole experience has been enriched by new friendships, friendships of the true kind that I only seem to find within the running community, and the knowledge that my training will bear fruit.

And above all, I'm left with a smile and the desire to embrace the world!

Thank you coach!!

Lorenza Banchetti (9th place in the Stralivigno 2014 with a time of 1:38:30)


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