Huawei Honor Band 5 review

The Huawei Honor Band 5 Smartband is the latest model of the smart bracelet of the Chinese company, a giant with $ 105 billion in revenue on smartphones and for several years also engaged in fitness. Recent investments in this sector have certainly paid off because Huawei's products are really well appreciated by the market. At the end of 2018 Huawei reached the third place in the wearable sector with over 10% market share. But how are they compared to the competition? With the launch of the last model in August 2019 at the price of 30 euros, we think that the Honor Band 5 is the best range with the best value for money on the market! After several tests and many hours of sleep, here is our opinion of the brand new device.

Huawei Honor Band 5, our opinion

In mid-August, Huawei launched the fifth version of its Smartband Honor, which in recent years has seen very positive ratings. The Huawei Honor 5 version has an Amoled 0.95 "tactile, water-resistant display (up to 5 atm) with integrated cardio, activity detector and smart notifications. It is compatible with Android smartphones, tested with Os and tested with iPhone Xr.

But what are the main features of the Smartband in detail? Who do we recommend it to? How does activity tracker position itself with respect to the competition? Do the cardio and running functions work?

As a disclaimer, we received this product from Gearbest free of charge to carry out the main tests of the review. Being a smartband, we have simplified the review:

  • Synthesis
  • Main Functions
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Conclusion
  • Buy Huawei Honor 5

Huawei Honor Band 5, the Smartband with the best quality / price ratio


The Huawei Honor 5 band comes in an elegant white package, with blue borders, which contains a Quick Start guide in many languages. In summary the suggestions of the guide were the following:

  1. charge the Honor 5 Band;
  2. download the Huawei Health application via Google Play or Apple App Store;
  3. connect the strap to the smartphone.

In a few seconds, once it is removed from the package, the band automatically connects:

The device is excellent, the shape has a modern rectangular design, excellent visibility immediately stands out even on sunny days:

The bracelet attaches very easily and is suitable for wrists of all sizes. The material of the strap is of excellent workmanship and allows a perfect adherence to the wrist:

As with the latest competition models, the Smartband device has no physical keys. Honor 5 is touch. The simple touch changes screen allowing you to view data, record an activity and measure an important amount of data. The "circle" of the lower part allows you to return to the previous screen. On the back, the two-LED cardio sensor. The Chinese company considers it "the flagship of the watch", to the point that it compares it to the Polar H10 heart rate monitor:

Main Functions Honor Band 5:

The Huawei Honor Band 5 band on the main screen shows the date and time and offers various functions:

  • Wake Up,
  • incoming call alert and SMS,
  • notifications of some apps,
  • pedometer,
  • sedentary reminder,
  • sleep analysis.

Clearly it is also possible to use it for timer and stopwatch, in addition to configure the main screen:

"Leafing through" the band, it is possible to immediately display a series of data that help motivate sedentary people to move:

Just move your finger to view a further series of information:

The strap accurately measures sleep duration, we put it on the wrist for several hours during a long weekend of rest. Comparing the data with the most famous Watches, we think that the Huawei Honor 5 range accurately measures both sleep duration and resting heartbeats. Yes, we slept just 10 hours:

The smartphone app is called "Huawei Health" and is a great support for the user. It is really easy to download and offers several screens to view the workout summary. In fact, the clock only offers the display of 45 characters:

Even the configuration is quite simple, through the App (but also from the band) you can easily change the main parameters, including the battery setting and brightness of the smart band. As already written previously, during the run the brightness of the screen allows a perfect visualization, thanks to the 95 inch Amoled.

Training Tracking

Huawei Honor Band 5 offers 10 training traccino possibilities, from running to swimming, from cycling to elliptical, to conclude with the treadmill:

Obviously you can set goals and the system offers the possibility to measure different types of objectives:

Once you've chosen your favorite workout, remembering that the Huawei Honor 5 band doesn't have GPS, we can wait for the countdown before starting:

The screen is really simple and essential, the measurement will be more effective if we carry the phone with us. However, two fields are displayed per screen:

We were also pleasantly surprised by the recognition of arm movement. During the run the device does not display the data to save battery, but by raising the hand the data are immediately visible. At the end of the exercise it is possible to save the session and transfer it to the phone:

opening the screen on the clock you can see the essential information of the run / training. After some exits, we evaluated that the heart rate is correctly measured, as well as the cadence. While for the length of the step, the measurement is decidedly lacking, thus affecting the final calculation of the distance. For example, this is the result after a half marathon:

The heart rate, on the other hand, is extremely accurate, so accurate that we have not noticed changes with respect to the Polar band:

Since the Huawei band does not contain a GPS, the route will not be tracked, unless you take the phone with you:

Key pro and cons

We believe that the price of the Huawei Honor Band 5 Smartband and the numerous functions make it suitable for those who want to measure their movements for the first time. The lack of GPS limits its "professional" use, too bad because the cardio is really excellent. Here is a summary of the main advantages and disadvantages highlighted during our tests:


  • perfect heart rate measurement
  • perfect tracking
  • low cost but same quality as more noble devices
  • great Amoled display, with perfect display even on bright days
  • simple and accurate app
  • materials and aesthetics


  • battery life below expectations, in the specifications we talk about 14 days, but in our tests we never exceeded 4 days before making a charge


Before testing the Smart Band Huawei we didn't think we would come across an almost perfect instrument. We were fascinated by the Amoled display, with simple and effective functions and by Huawei's ability to introduce products that are inexpensive but comparable to more famous products. Huawei Honor Band 5 in its price range is definitely the top. We think that if the Chinese company will also introduce GPS from the next model, many amateur runners with limited budgets will no longer have any doubts about which brand to buy.

Huawei Honor Band 5 on Gearbest

The Smartband Huawei Honor Band 5 is available on Gearbest with a launch price of 30 euros and a list of 35 euros, below we attach the main link for the purchase. There are two models, one with the possibility of configuring payments (NFC), but we have not had a chance to try. Please note that retailer shipments require about ten days before product receipt.

Retailer average price Purchasing
Honor Band 5 30-35 € Huawei Honor 5 link
Honor Band 5 NFC 58 € Huawei Honor 5 link


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Huawei Honor Band 5 review
The Huawei Honor Band 5 Smartband is the latest model of the smart bracelet of the Chinese company, a giant with $ 105 billion in revenue on smartphones and for several years also engaged in fitness. Recent investments in this sector have certainly paid off because Huawei's products are really well appreciated by the market. At the
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