TED Talk David Epstein: Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?
A great TED Talk from David Epstein highlights the role of technology, a changing gene pool and a different mindset regarding ultra-endurance sports have led to ever stronger, faster, bolder and better athletes.
Your Arms…Remember them?
Why your arms are so important when running. Read how to use your arms to improve your running technique and try out these arm exercise drills.
Still chasing that elusive marathon personal best?
How a more professional approach to training and a custom training program helped me take more than an hour off of my marathon personal best.
5 Reasons Why You Must Run Boston
Boston marathon has long been THE marathon for runners, thanks to its history, challenging course, culture and – of course – the pride of having achieved the Boston Qualifier time.
Boston Marathon – One Year On
Thoughts on Boston, one year on. How the terrible events can inspire us to make the most of every opportunity we have in life.
London Marathon : Final Race Tips
It’s nearly "time for the off" after weeks of training and dedication, training for the London Marathon. Take a look at our tips for managing nerves in the last few days and on how to get the most out of race day.

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