Black Friday 2023: Fino a € 120 di sconto!
Black Friday 2020 - Fino a 140 euro di sconto per il tuo Programma d'allenamento personalizzato Running4you Novità: Valutazione Tecnica di Corsa! Acquista ora e fai iniziare il Programma quando vuoi tu (hai tempo fino a fine 2021!)
In memory of Grete Waitz, the First Lady of the Marathon.
Three years ago today, Grete Waitz, one of the greatest marathon runners of all time passed away in her home town of Oslo.
The desert that steals your soul…
Luisa Balsamo, ultra champion and Running4you athlete writes about her experience at this year’s TransOmania race across the Kingdom of Oman and the Wahiba Sands Desert. First women to finish and 4th overall, Luisa covered the 300km (186m) across the desert in 74 hours and 18 minutes. Here’s her story…
A Personal Best Marathon Course
It goes without saying that the most important thing to do if your aim is to achieve a personal best in the marathon is to train properly. However, with that as a given, let’s take a look at the most important criteria in the selection of the right race...
If 26.2 miles seems a bit too far…
The marathon is the queen of the Olympic distances and it is definitely the most popular distance race, loved and chosen by runners from all over the world. The half marathon, however, has no less charm than its bigger sister and completing the 13.1 miles can be just as stimulating and motivating.
Why I Run…
Running is not simply a way to feel good or to keep fit for me. It is something much more, that I sometimes find difficult to explain. It has shown me the world from a different perspective and my place within that world.

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